PathMinder optical turnstiles & doorway tailgate sensors ( p r o d u c t s )  
Optical turnstiles with swing arm barriers

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A non-barrier/barrier upgradeable version of the 60×09" turnstile is shown here with custom top panel lighting. These units are installed in the lobby of a high profile corporate headquarters. To reinforce the corporate image, the customer's logo is etched inside a stainless steel ring the top surface of the turnstile to mark the location of the concealed proximity card reader.

Optical turnstiles
Doorway sensor (12×04")
Basic non-barrier (13×06")
Oval non-barrier (27×09")
Drop arm barrier (44×09")
Swing arm barrier (60×09")
Glass barrier (54×20")
Glass barrier (60×20")
Glass barrier (98×20")
Control software
Desktop control panels
Deployment platforms
People counters
Custom housings
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