PathMinder optical turnstiles & doorway tailgate sensors ( p r o d u c t s )  
Custom optical turnstiles

Why custom?
Because every site is different. Sometimes one just canít find an existing product to fit a site's image. Or perhaps a site's designers have ideas that have never even occurred to us. Other times, new turnstiles need to match existing turnstiles sourced from a third party. Or they need to elegantly incorporate esoteric third-party devices (special PIN pads and the like) that don't easily fit in conventional designs. And, sometimes, one just needs to be different.

How custom? Some customers just want an existing design in a different material, while others desire shapes never before conceived. At PathMinder, we're glad to help either way. Our design team regularly works with architects and designers to bring ideas to life, taking cocktail napkin sketches and generating three dimensional models, refining shapes and material choices along the way. We're big fans of iterative design: passing concepts back and forth to ensure a common vision. Some of our current products started life as custom designs; we're thrilled to learn from our customers' needs and desires. We're even more thrilled to be able to share our turnstile design wisdom; we've identified a few best practices along the way that can mean the difference between days and decades of durability. The one thing that (probably) won't be custom is our detection technology: our sensor matrices and intelligent algorithms lead the industry in security and low false alarm rate, so why mess with a good thing?

How does it work? Send us a drawing, a sketch, a photo, a floor plan, or a wish list. Be creative. Heck, be downright unreasonable; we like a good challenge. We'll see how we can work together to make it real.

Optical turnstiles
Doorway sensor (12×04")
Basic non-barrier (13×06")
Oval non-barrier (27×09")
Drop arm barrier (44×09")
Swing arm barrier (60×09")
Glass barrier (54×20")
Glass barrier (60×20")
Glass barrier (98×20")
Control software
Desktop control panels
Deployment platforms
People counters
Custom housings
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