PathMinder optical turnstiles & doorway tailgate sensors ( p r o d u c t s )  
Desktop control panels

control. local or remote.

The Desktop Control Panel allows the receptionist or guard to control the operation of lanes. For example, it is easy to change from card-in/free exit to card-in/card-out at night. The system also allows visitors to enter the secure area without being required to badge in. Alarms are annunciated on the panel (in addition to the annunciator inside the turnstile housing).

Available in four- and six-lane versions.
Available as desktop mount (shown) or flush-mount panel.

PathMinder also offers TrueCount System Administrator software as an alternate control solution.
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PDF file


Optical turnstiles
Doorway sensor (12×04")
Basic non-barrier (13×06")
Oval non-barrier (27×09")
Drop arm barrier (44×09")
Swing arm barrier (60×09")
Glass barrier (54×20")
Glass barrier (60×20")
Glass barrier (98×20")
Control software
Desktop control panels
Deployment platforms
People counters
Custom housings
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