PathMinder optical turnstiles & doorway tailgate sensors ( p r o d u c t s )  
Doorway tailgate sensors

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Secure your unstaffed doors, and make sure that only people with valid ID enter your site.

PathMinder doorway units add security to your new or existing card-access doors. Traditional card access doors are flawed in two ways:
  • Polite employees will card in to unlock the door, then hold the door for other people. Employee training does not eliminate this behaviour.
  • Intruders will lurk a discrete distance from the door and wait for an employee to enter. The intruder will let the door start to close, and grab it just before it closes completely. After waiting several seconds to permit the authorized employee to leave the area, the intruder will open the door and enter unnoticed.
As a result, unauthorized people gain access to the facility, and the access control system has no reliable way of determining how many people are in the building. PathMinder tailgate sensors assure that only one person enters when a valid card is presented, and 1/4" tailgate detection assures that people are accurately counted as they enter and leave. PathMinder doorway sensors offer real security for your entrance.

Application idea
Tailgate sensor application
Application idea
Mantrap application

Features & Benefits

Secure. Quarter-inch tailgate detection and advanced algorithms detect intruders and force each person to present a valid ID badge before entering. Protects against advanced scenarios, such as a person inside unlocking door and admitting a person from outside; also protects against a person grabbing the door and entering unnoticed behind another user. Door offers a strong physical barrier.

Sophisticated. Twelve sensors in a matrix offer 48 detection beams.

Certain. False alarm rate is negligible.

Programmable. Set each direction (incoming & outgoing) for card access or free passage independently. Automatically generate a REX signal to unlock the door as a person exits through the tailgate sensor. Control operation and admit guests from the access control system or from a PC (with optional TCSA control software). Trigger CCTV cameras or page security personnel when an alarm is generated.

Speedy. Offers very high throughput, limited only by the time it takes for the access control system to accept a valid ID badge. Door does not need to close between passages, provided each person presents a card as he/she passes.

Accessible. Meets ADA at a 32" lane width.

Durable. Steel frames and stainless steel housings offer decades of blemish-free operation.

Flexible. Tiny footprint for easy placement. Uses new or existing card readers and door. Works well in existing facilities. Can be mounted against door frame (shown at left) or against--or embedded in--nearby walls.

Reliable. 100% uptime. Sensor beams are tolerant of severe misalignment. Requires no periodic maintenance.


Optical turnstiles
Doorway sensor (12×04")
Basic non-barrier (13×06")
Oval non-barrier (27×09")
Drop arm barrier (44×09")
Swing arm barrier (60×09")
Glass barrier (54×20")
Glass barrier (60×20")
Glass barrier (98×20")
Control software
Desktop control panels
Deployment platforms
People counters
Custom housings
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