PathMinder optical turnstiles & doorway tailgate sensors ( p r o d u c t s )  
Optical turnstiles with just-in-time retractable barriers

opens just in time. 9820 optical turnstile.
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An intelligent approach to barrier security. A PathMinder exclusive.
Other turnstiles open their barriers as soon as a person presents a valid ID badge. The PathMinder 9820 series keeps its barriers closed until the person is substantially into the lane (i.e., it waits until the person is near the barrier). Because the barriers are far into the lane, the turnstile has lots of time to react if a second, unauthorized person tries to enter the lane behind an authorized person: the turnstile keeps the barriers closed, or, if they have already started to open, closes them immediately. The system is dramatically effective at keeping tailgaters out, without sacrificing high throughput.

Sensors everywhere.
The 9820 uses 176 detection beams in a complex matrix formation to track people and discern tailgaters. In addition, it offers a 128 beam vertical safety matrix--a set of infrared beams sandwiching the barrier to assure that it never injures a person or guide dog.

High security with high barriers.
Standard 72" sliding tempered glass barriers offer strong protection. For highest security, our customers typically install matching glass panels above the turnstiles to cover the area between the top of the turnstile glass and the ceiling. This foils attempts to climb over the barriers.


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