PathMinder optical turnstiles & doorway tailgate sensors ( p r o d u c t s )  
Optical turnstiles

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Optical turnstiles are typically installed in high-profile lobbies. They offer excellent security, but not at the expense of style.

PathMinder optical turnstiles assure that only people with a valid electronic ID badge enter the site; an alarm is generated if a person tries to enter without a badge.

Our oval optical turnstiles uses two card readers per lane (one in each direction); our diamond units use one card reader for inbound traffic, and offer free egress.

Features & benefits

Secure. Quarter-inch tailgate detection and advanced algorithms detect intruders and ensure each person presents a valid ID badge before entering.

Sophisticated. Twelve sensors in a matrix formation offer 48 detection beams. Beams at three heights prevent crawl attempts.

Certain. False alarm rate is negligible. Detects and disregards common items such as canes, rolling carry-on suitcases, dollies, and backpacks. Works well with wheelchairs and guide dogs.

Sexy. Suitable for entrances where an open look is desirable. Offers a perfect balance of security and image.

Programmable. Set each direction (incoming & outgoing) for card access or free passage independently, on the fly. Control operation and admit guests from the access control system or from a PC (with optional TCSA control software). Set programming options with DIP switches or software.

Speedy. Effortlessly handles 35 people per minute, real world.

Accessible. Meets ADA at a 32" lane width.

Durable. Steel frames and strong housings offer decades of blemish-free operation.

Flexible. Tiny footprint for easy placement. Can be arranged in a straight line, in an arc, or in an angled, offset row. Integrates with any access control system and card reader.

Reliable. Designed for 100% uptime. Sensor beams are tolerant of severe misalignment. Requires no periodic maintenance (other than cleaning).

Optical turnstiles
Doorway sensor (12×04")
Basic non-barrier (13×06")
Oval non-barrier (27×09")
Drop arm barrier (44×09")
Swing arm barrier (60×09")
Glass barrier (54×20")
Glass barrier (60×20")
Glass barrier (98×20")
Control software
Desktop control panels
Deployment platforms
People counters
Custom housings
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