PathMinder optical turnstiles & doorway tailgate sensors ( i n f o r m a t i o n )  
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PathMinder is a world leader in optical turnstiles. From a technical standpoint, we are the world leader; our detection technology is clearly superior to other approaches in the industry. From the very beginning, our approach has always been unique and straightforward: build our product around the strongest technology, work with our customers to make the product integrate elegantly into their sites, and innovate, innovate, innovate.

We recognize that a security product needs to be amazing to be acceptable; bad products get discarded quickly. Imagine if a turnstile had a 1% false alarm rate; looks good on paper, but what happens when 3000 people enter and leave every day? That's 60 false alarms a day. Soon after installation, the security staff will naturally dismiss all alarms ("oh, those things go off all the time"), giving intruders the opportunity to slip by. The customer is saddled with an expensive blunder.

At PathMinder, we are eager to avoid such scenarios. We test our hardware and algorithms extensively. Each unit we ship goes through a demanding burn-in process. Our service personnel are top-notch. Our customers demand nothing less.

PathMinder turnstiles are installed all over the world, in high-profile facilities belonging to national and regional governments, corporate offices of the Fortune 500, and major financial and educational institutions (including one of the world's most recognized stock exchanges). Our customers demand a solution without compromise: it has to be fast, easy-to-use, and reliable. PathMinder delivers on all counts.

We were the first company to offer a 12 sensor detection array. The first to offer a 24 sensor detection array. The first to offer 1/4" tailgate detection. The first to offer a detection matrix (using 12 or 24 sensors to monitor 48 or 96 detection beams). Our low false alarm rate is the envy of all our competitors. Our oval housing, introduced in 1995, forced the entire industry to re-think its approach to turnstile design. More recently, we introduced optical turnstiles with retractable barriers that are the first and only in the industry that meet ADA regulations when spaced 32" apart (instead of the usual 36"). And, always improving, we have some incrementally better products and features coming soon--and a few revolutionary ones that will upset the industry once again.

Helping our clients add real security to their buildings is our persistent goal. Technology, drive, and service are how we get there.

PathMinder. Real speed. Real security.


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